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Areas Covered: artistic works, such as text and artwork on packaging or display cards, uniquely designed jewelry, audio works, visual works, books, magazines, brochures, advertisements, fabric designs, designs engraved on products, etc.

Estimated Cost: $550, including filing fee. A Copyright search not necessary, and is only optional.

Typical Items That May Be Protected: fabric designs, jewelry designs, display cards, text and artwork on packaging, books, songs, dolls, plays, poems, sculptures, paintings, photographs, computer programs, written materials, website content, etc.


For individual authors: Remaining life of author plus 70 years.

For Works Made for Hire: That is, creations made by an employee which automatically are owned by the employer, or creations assigned from the creator to a company based on an assignment document that labels the creation a "work made for hire", the term of the copyright is 95 Years from the date of first publication (or first shipment).

Area of Coverage: USA.

For Foreign Copyright protection, please contact us for advice and costs.
Protection is Worldwide for participating countries.

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