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Areas Covered: Any new and useful process, machine, electrical apparatus, article of manufacture, composition of matter (chemical compounds or recipes), software code, business method, or any new and useful improvement thereof may be eligible for a U.S. Patent.

Step 1: Patent Search

A patent search includes conducting a search of all prior US & foreign patents, and prior art publications which are relevant to the proposed invention; studying the patents (typically around 10 are uncovered); and preparing a detailed search report and attorney opinion letter for the client. We also provide full copies of all relevant patents uncovered in the search. The cost for the foregoing is approximately $2,200 for a standard case.

Step 2: Preparation of Patent Application

Utility Patent: approximately $4,950 (flat fee) for services in preparing and revising Application (complicated machines, heavy electrical, chemical or business methods can incur additional costs for services). A typical Application is about 30 to 50 pages typed, including the technical description and claims. The Application includes drafting a detailed description of the invention (all of its parts), as well as drafting the most important language of the Application, the Patent Claims. Additional disbursements we incur include the government filing fee ($800), and professional drawings by our draftsman ($95 per sheet).

Additional Fees: Several months later, arguments to the Examiner and amendments to the application (if required by U.S. Patent Examiner), government printing fee, government issue fee, & government maintenance fees for 3rd, 7th & 11 years after the patent is granted.

Design Patent: $1,800 or higher in services (a design patent only protects the ornamental appearance of an item, not the mechanical aspects). The patent essentially is composed of the formal drawings with some text describing the various drawings. There is no detailed text describing the invention.

Additional Disbursements include the filing fee ($380), professional drawings ($95 per sheet). A design patent search is available for approximately $950.

Duration of Protection:

Utility Patent: 20 years from filing date.
Design Patent: 14 years from date granted.

Area of Coverage:
USA and/or Country of Grant

PCT: (Patent Cooperative Treaty - Available For Multi-Country Filing)

Foreign Patents: Please call for information. We have associates Worldwide.

Renewable: No

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